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Live, Laugh and Splash with Friends, Family and Neighbors
This site is for the West Severna Park Community Association members. Access is restricted to members (home owners and residents) in good standing with the Association. By accessing this website you agree that you are a homeowner or resident of West Severna Park. Dues and usage fees paid through this site are non-refundable. Any fee adjustments or corrections should be addressed to the Association Treasurer. Please also refer to the Charter and By-laws under documents for Community rules and policies.

Welcome to the Official Home Page
 for the

West Severna Park Community Association.
Here you can connect with your community by joining the activites listed on the event calendar, pay your annual dues, start or participate in discussion groups and more! 

The 2016 officers for WSP Community Association are:

             Scott Schaner

      Vice President           Rob Williams    

          Treasurer           Carolyn Heimrich 

  Secretary                Andy Roe



If you are having trouble logging in because you:

a.  forgot your password or

b. dont know your log in info
Please click on the Member Login link on the left, then click the "Forgot My Username/Password" link and follow the instructions.
If you still have issues, please click on the CONTACT US button and contact the Webmaster.  He will get in touch ASAP.

If you want to check if your dues were paid/recorded LOGIN, click on PROFILE (next to the LOGOUT) click on USER PAYMENTS and you can review all your payments and outstanding transactions, etc. If you see a discrepancy please contact the Treasurer through CONTACT US.
If you have moved and would like to be REMOVED from the WSP website and /or data base, please click "Contact Us" ( bottom left) and contact the Webmaster.  You can also log into Forums and delete your settings so you don't receive emails.


Are you looking for the latest Due Remittal Form?  They can be found here: 2016 - Dues Remittal Form
Per the newly adopted Marina Rules and Regulations all marina related fees including slip fees, launch fees, marina boat rack fees, marina bonds, and the cost of marina keys may no longer be paid online. Instead you must complete the 2016 WSP Marina Fee Worksheet and mail that along with any required payments and documentation to the address listed on the worksheet. A printable copy of the worksheet and the new marina rules can be accessed by clicking the Marina tab on the left-hand corner of the website.





Please note: This site is hosted by ClubExpress. ClubExpress does not process the credit card charges. They are processed by BB&TBank. ClubExpress provides the secure interface only. ClubExpress does not refund credit card charges. WSPCA does not refund annual dues or fees. Annual dues are payable by each and every home that is part of the community. Partial year residents etc need to work out reimbursement from their respective buyer or seller. Other charges (Boat Rack and Marina Usage Fees) are not refundable or prorated for the year. Errors and corrections or activity refunds due to event cancelation are handled directly by the WSPCA to whom you should address any credit card refund questions.